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State Heritage Office social media accounts

The State Heritage Office official social media platforms include Twitter and YouTube.

The State Heritage Office operates the Twitter account @StateHeritage, which is managed by Corporate Communications.

If you follow the State Heritage Office’s Twitter account you can expect approximately 1-5 tweets a week covering topics including but not limited to:
•    The Western Australian Heritage Awards
•    The Heritage Grants Program
•    Heritage Management Planning Seminar
•    inContact (an online directory of businesses that offer heritage services across metropolitan and regional    Western Australia)
•    inHerit (one-stop portal for information about heritage places and listings in Western Australia)
•    eNewsletter
•    Heritage Matters
•    Retweets from other cultural heritage and tourism organisations.

The State Heritage Office updates and monitors its Twitter accounts during office hours, 9.00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Comments submitted outside of standard operating hours, or over the weekend, will be reviewed the next working day.

The State Heritage Office does not automatically follow organisations or individuals who follow it.

The State Heritage Office may follow relevant organisations including local and State Government agencies, organisations in the Western Australian and Australian heritage industries.

The State Heritage Office will generally not follow individuals unless they are known in a professional capacity and are well known in the heritage industry. Being followed by the State Heritage Office does not imply endorsement of any kind.

As part of account maintenance and monitoring, the State Heritage Office regularly reviews accounts it is following. This may result in unfollowing accounts.

In the interest of organising followers into meaningful categories and providing stakeholders and the public with useful industry and topical information, the State Heritage Office may create publicly viewable lists of organisations following its Twitter account. Inclusion on lists does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Should an organisation not wish to be included on a list created by the State Heritage Office, it may request to be removed from the list by sending a direct message to the State Heritage Office.

@Replies and Direct Messages
The State Heritage Office welcomes feedback and ideas from its followers.
The Corporate Communications team reads all @Replies and Direct Messages and ensures that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are forwarded to the relevant staff at the State Heritage Office.

Where the State Heritage Office is not able to reply individually to messages received via Twitter and where common topics and requests exist, a general notification may be sent. The State Heritage Office does not engage on issues of party politics nor provide media, registration or development advice over social media platforms.

The usual ways of contacting the State Heritage Office for official correspondence are found on the website.

Moderators will ensure that user comments are relevant and appropriate, and may take any steps they deem appropriate to ensure content meets the Comment Moderation Policy.

Comment Moderation Policy
The State Heritage Office encourages the community to engage on social media sites. However, it will remove comments that are inappropriate, offensive or publicises irrelevant external links.

Contributors may not submit content that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, menacing, harassing, offensive, infringes any person’s intellectual property rights, including copyright, impersonates anyone, misrepresents a relationship with any person or organisation, encourages others to commit unlawful acts, harasses anyone or is unlawful in any way.

All content must comply with the above and those set by the relevant social media network.
inHerit - an online portal for heritage listings

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