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Creating Incentives for Owners

Heritage Awards

Heritage awards can serve to promote the benefits of heritage conservation in a local area, provide ‘good news stories’, promote good practice, and support owners who lead the way in conserving their own properties.

Incentives in planning

Effective heritage protection requires an integrated approach involving not only regulation, but also promotion and incentives.

Most local planning schemes allow for flexibility in the application of planning controls to encourage positive heritage outcomes.  Planning incentives may include the relaxation of planning requirements in relation to land use, density, plot ratio, car parking and other works.

Financial assistance for owners

A number of local governments provide grants, the waiving of planning fees, rate concessions and other financial incentives to encourage the protection of their local heritage.

Check the list below to see what incentives your local government offers

Local Government
Armadale Heritage Management Incentives Policy
Bayswater Waiving planning and building fees, flexible application of Statutory Requirements and heritage grants
Bunbury Rate concessions, heritage awards, heritage advisory service and waiving of planning application fees
Busselton Environment and Heritage Conservation Policy
Claremont Heritage grants and awards
Fremantle Heritage conservation advice
Gosnells Heritage awards, grants and condition rewards scheme
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Heritage grants
Northam CBD Heritage Enhancement Fund
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Perth Rate concessions, awards and grants
Rockingham Waiving of planning and building application fees, grants
Stirling Heritage awards, rate concessions and heritage grants
Subiaco Heritage awards
Vincent Heritage awards, grants and plaques program


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