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Heritage grants directory

Local Government
Many Local governments offer assistance to owners of heritage properties, with a range of incentives provided. Check with your local government to see what is currently available. The type of assistance offered varies, but can include:

    •   refund or waiving of planning and building fees
    •   flexibility with statutory requirements such as application of the Local Planning Scheme or Residential Design Code
    •   variation to development standards, eg minimum lot sizes, plot ratio, set-backs, car parking or landscaping requirements
    •   transfer of development rights
    •   development bonuses
    •   heritage conservation grants
    •   free advice from a heritage consultant
    •   local heritage awards
    •   rate concessions
    •   heritage plaques

State GovernmentThe State Government offers financial incentives to owners of State heritage-listed places. The majority of heritage funding is offered through the Heritage Council of Western Australia’s Heritage Grants Program and Lotterywest. However, other grant programs targeting infrastructure, small business, tourism or other activities may incorporate heritage aspects.

Check the State Government’s Grants Directory to see what grant programs and funding rounds are available to you. Most grants are open to community-based organisations with some, like the Heritage Grants Program, specifically targeting private owners. If you are an arts and culture based organisation, Country Arts WA also maintain an excellent directory which is available here.

Funding offered by the State Government can assist with:

    •   heritage conservation works
    •   documentation of a heritage place, person, community or significant historical event
    •   heritage interpretation
    •   heritage trails
    •   conservation of natural heritage
    •   conservation of Indigenous heritage
    •   maintenance, movement and presentation of significant collections
    •   promotion of heritage-related activities or collections
    •   creation of partnerships to deliver programs
    •   professional development of collection professionals
    •   community heritage celebrations or events
    •   Heritage Advisory Services (local governments only)

  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
    • Preserving our Aboriginal Sites grants program

      The Program offers financial support to Aboriginal not-for-profit organisations to undertake projects that protect and preserve registered Aboriginal sites. Grants are offered following a competitive assessment process and applicants may submit as many applications as they wish. Contact free call 1800 524 000, (08) 6551 8197 or email

    • Other aboriginal heritage opportunities

      For other Aboriginal heritage grants and sponsorship opportunities, visit this page for application tips and access to a directory of financial support available for different types of Aboriginal heritage projects. To skip straight to the directory, click here.

  • Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
    • Arts and culture organisations

      If you're an arts and culture based organisation, the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries offer grants and other incentives through Culture and the Arts (WA). For more information visit  telephone (08) 6552 7300, free call 1800 199 090 or email

  • Country Arts WA
    • Arts and culture organisations

      Country Arts WA distribute funding in WA's Regional Arts Funding (see below) and also maintain a directory of funding sources for arts and culture organisations. Click here to visit the directory.


      Cwlth Government
      The Commonwealth Government offers funding primarily to State and local governments and community-based organisations. A wide variety of heritage-related grants are offered through a range of different agencies. The GrantFinder website provides a searchable directory of grants on offer. Grant programs that might be of interest are:

      • Ministry for the Arts
        • Regional Arts Fund

          WA funding under the Regional Arts fund is delivered by Country Arts WA. There are four streams offered under the program: Quick Response grants, Project Fund grants, Cultural Worker Positions grants and Partnership Funding grants. Funding generally targets new arts and culture based activities. However, community- based storytelling, dance or workshops may be funded, as well as professional development or placement of regional- based artists and cultural professionals.

          Contact free call1800 811 883, (08) 9200 6200 or email

        • Australia Council for the Arts

          The Australia Council for the Arts supports a diverse range of artists, organisations, artistic practice and arts activity. There are a number of different grants on offer. Applicants are strongly encouraged to speak with an Australia Council Grants Officer before applying for funding. Contact free call 1800 226 912 or for National Relay Service 1800 555 677

      • Department of Environment
        • Protecting National Historic Sites

          Offers funding to owners or managers of places on Australia’s National Heritage List to conserve, maintain and protect the historic heritage value of the place under their care. Contact free call 1800 653 004 or email

        • Historic Shipwrecks Program (not open to the public)

          Funding is offered to State and Territory government agencies to help protect shipwrecks and their relics and to promote better understanding of their stories. Contact (02) 6274 2116 Strategies, Information and Maritime Heritage branch 

        • National Trusts Partnership Program (not open to the public)

          Provides ongoing funds to the Australian Council of National Trusts to support activities that increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of Australia's cultural heritage, and enhance and promote its conservation. The funds are also to help the Trusts advocate and work for the preservation and enhancement of Australia's cultural heritage. Contact free call 1800 653 004 or email

      • Department of the Environment & Department of Agriculture
        • National Landcare Programme

          This programme has two funding streams – a regional stream that delivers funding to projects via Australia’s 56 NRM organisations and a national stream, where large scale projects are directly funded by the Commonwealth Government.

          The programmes offer funding for environmental conservation, including conservation of World Heritage and Indigenous Protected Areas. Contact free call 1800 552 008 or (08) 6210 9714

      • Australian National Maritime Museum
        • Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS)

          Offers funding to regional museums and organisations to help preserve or display objects of national and historical maritime significance. It also supports staff or volunteers from remote or regional organisations to spend time learning specific skills and making valuable connections.

          The grants round generally opens each year in February. Please check the website for more information. Contact: (02) 9298 3743 or email 

      • National Library of Australia
        • Community Heritage Grants (for collections)

          The Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program provides grants of up to $15,000 to community organisations such as libraries, archives, museums, genealogical and historical societies, multicultural and Indigenous groups. The grants are provided to assist with the preservation of locally-owned, but nationally-significant, collections of materials that are publicly accessible including artefacts, letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and audio visual material.

          The grants round generally opens each year in March. Please check the website for more information. Contact: (02) 6262 1111 

      • Screen Australia
        • Documentaries funding

          Funding is offered for the production of documentaries through a number of different streams. One of the program’s key aims is cultural value which is defined as screen stories that shape our cultural imagination, contribute to our national belonging, and create an enduring legacy for all Australians now and into the future.

          The grants round generally opens each year in June. Please check the website for more information. Contact free call 1800 507 901 or email: 

      Other sources
      There are a number of private organisations also offer grants for community activities that can be heritage related. Some organisations in this category are:


      • Bankwest - Up to $1,000 for community groups

inHerit - an online portal for heritage listings

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