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Work to date

June 2016

Conservation works are now completed at the Coogee Hotel & Post Office.

Externally, the hotel has been extensively transformed and largely returned to its original form. The west verandah in front of the hotel has been reinstated to match the original plans, with the north facing verandah trimmed back to its original extent.

Photo of Coogee Hotel verandah - sxternal view

The limestone walls of the hotel have had previous cement-rich mortar removed from the mortar joints, and new mortar reinstated to match the original composition.

New paving and a pea gravel breathing strip have been installed around the hotel. This significantly improves the presentation of the building, and will preventing rising damp from deteriorating the newly pointed limestone walls.

All of the external joinery has been repainted in traditional colours to the period of the hotel, with the original fanlight inscription over the bar room door and hotel signboard reinstated.

Coogee Hotel - fanlight inscription over door  Coogee under verandah

Minor mortar repairs were undertaken on the external limestone walls of the post office. The new mortar appears stark against the old, however with time and weathering, it will fade and blend in with the surrounding material.

The existing verandah in front of the post office was removed and a new verandah reconstructed to match original plans.

Coogee Post Office Coogee hotel sign

The site owner, Mainroads WA, will be advertising the site for sale in late 2016.

March 2016

Works are well underway at the former Coogee Hotel and Post Office.  The later intrusive additions to the original buildings have just been removed, returning the buildings to much their original form and layout.

Removal of cement-rich pointing is nearly complete at the hotel, which revealed various colours of lime mortar behind.  The original mortar was sampled and matched as closely as possible, outlining the different stages of construction at the hotel.

Photo of demolition of intrisive additions at Coogee Hotel

The post office verandah has been removed, and construction of the new verandah to match original detail will commence shortly.

Photo of Coogee Post Office without verandah

February 2016

Conservation and maintenance works have commenced on the Coogee Hotel and Post Office site. Colgan Industries, the main contractor, has begun works on site which include: •    mortar analysis and pointing samples •    overseeing the provision of compliant underground power to the site by Western Power.

The overall scope of works to be included in this project involves:
•    removing intrusive additions to the hotel and post office
•    removing cement-rich mortar pointing, and replacement with lime-based mortar throughout
•    repointing of the hotel chimney’s brickwork
•    tuck-pointing to the brick quoining around the hotel windows and corners
•    reinstating of the verandahs to original detail
•    Installing an air-drain and new paving around the hotel
•    reinstating of the hotel’s internal rooms to original layout
•    sanding and sealing the internal floorboards
•    refurbishing all external doors and windows
•    repainting all external timber joinery to match the original colour scheme
•    reinstating the hotel signboard and bar room inscription.

Works are due to be completed in May 2016.

Deteriorated stonework exterior Coogee Hotel
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