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Heritage Interest Inquiries

State heritage information will be included in the new Landgate Property Interest Report.

The Property Interest Report is a comprehensive report that provides easy access to information on government interests over land.

It brings together information from 50 different government agencies, which manage up to 100 interests that may impact on the use or enjoyment of a property, and includes information that may not be listed on the Certificate of Title.

The Heritage Council has expanded on the information it already provides to Landgate. In addition to the State Registration details and Conservation Orders, it also includes information on whether the place is on the assessment program for possible inclusion in the State Register or has a Heritage Agreement.

The Property Interest Report does not yet contain information on other heritage listings such as those from local and Commonwealth governments. But the Heritage Council is working closely with local governments and others to provide information on these other types of listings to Landgate’s Interest Inquiry service.

The Property Interest Report can be accessed online from Landgate for a fee of $54.95. There is no need to sign up to Landgate to receive this report.

With all State heritage interests now being provided to Landgate, the Heritage Council will no longer provide members of the property industry with written responses to inquiries about heritage interests.

If you want to know whether a place is in the State Register, you can still get information from the Heritage Council’s online database inHerit. inHerit contains information on a range of statutory and non-statutory heritage listings including the State Register of Heritage Places, local government Municipal Inventories and Heritage Lists, National Trust Classifications, and the National Heritage list.

If you are a member of the property or real estate industry, or are considering selling or buying a property, the Property Interest Report will provide you with essential information about government interests that may impact on that property.
inHerit - an online portal for heritage listings

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